Composite Laminates

Your search for advanced structural Composite Laminates ends here. LCOA Composites is a U.S. based laminator and part fabricator of engineered composite and renewable green materials used in commercial building, structural and ballistic applications.

LCOA Composites creates and manufactures advanced Composite Laminate products for the government, homeland security and commercial markets. Sectors where Composites Products are in demand are mentioned below,

1.ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING MATERIALS: – Composite Panels present immense opportunities to play an increasing role as an alternate material to replace timber, steel, aluminum and concrete in buildings. Their benefits of corrosion resistance and low weight have proven attractive in many architectural applications.

LCOA Composites has a dedicated staff of composite experts developed over a span of 30 years, to provide unmatched fabrication services to the design community. We provide a methodical approach to project development and fabrication, from initial consultation and design, through preparation of drawings, manufacturing, and finally to inspection and shipment.

Since LCOA Composites manufactures with a full spectrum of composite materials, we offer our customers the finest materials for their specific requirements. We will produce exacting advanced structural or ballistic composite panels to blend esthetically to the landscape of your specific project.

2.WIND ENERGY: – LCOA Composites is involved in the R&D of the rapidly-growing area of wind-energy, specifically in thermoplastic composite wind turbine blades. We are producing the core structural backbone of the fiber reinforced polypropylene thermoplastic wind turbine blades. Our structural composite panel is an extremely tough, lightweight material, which provides for a durable wind blade.

3.Transportation: – Today’s advanced composite materials offer dramatic opportunities for producing lightweight aerospace, cargo, etc. solution that are more durable, innovative, fuel-efficient, corrosion-resistant and easier to maintain than metal structures. Composite Laminate is being used more extensively in the manufacture of commercial helicopters, trailers and other products because of their desirable weight, performance and strength properties. LCOA Composites markets its composite solutions to the following market segments within the transportation industry:

Trailer Industry
Vehicle Protection
Rail Transportation
Armor Vehicles

We draw on our more than 30 years of high volume Composite Laminate expertise to ensure every product meets or exceeds the specification requirements.

If you are interested to know more about Composite Panels, please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

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