Modern Day Roofing

Roof building that contains of footings and an outer watertight skin, as found on most national construction. Such roofs may take a number of different shapes and be created of and roofed with a variability of ingredients.
A simple ribbed roof contains of weakened rafters that rest on perpendicular wall-plates on top of each wall. The top ends of the beams meet at the level ridge plate or ridge beam. Flat purlins are fixed to the rafters to provision the roof cover. Heavier under purlin are used to provision longer rafter spans. Tie beams or ceiling joists are linked between the lower ends of conflicting rafters to prevent them from dispersal and forcing the walls apart. Collar beams or neckline ties may be fixed higher up amongdiffering rafters for extra asset.

The rafters tie sunbeams and joists serve to connect the weight of the roof to the walls of the building. There are a quantity of physical systems working to enable this, counting the use of wall-plates set at the top of the wall, hammer-beams, which spread the weight down the wall and create equilibrium between external and upward thrust, king posts which transmission the weight of the roof ridge, and various types of trusses.
In cyclone and storm prone areas the main manufacturingdeliberation is to hold the roof down during severe storms. Every constituent of the roof (as of course the rest of the structure) has to withstand the uplift forces of high wind speeds. This is not generally a problem in areas not disposed to to high wind.

Modern roofing know-hows, seeming in the supplementary photo of a house underneath construction in a region of Northern Australia, comprise the purpose-made steel hook support which is secured to the bind with M16 bolt. The bracket is fastened to an M16 bolt cast in situ, embedded 300 mm into the armor-platedreal block wall.
In the world of engineering and gainful buildings, a cool roof is a roofing system that can deliver high solar reflectance (the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, reducing heat transfer to the building) and high thermal emittance (the ability to radiate absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy). Most cool roofs are white or other light colors.

In tropical Australia, zinc-galvanized (silvery) sheeting (usually corrugated) do not reproduce heat as well as the truly “cool” color of white, particularly as metallic surfaces fail to emit ultraviolet back to the sky. European fashion trends are now using darker-colored aluminum roofing, to followcustomerstyles.

Also known as albedo, solar reflectance is spoken either as a number fraction or a fraction. A value of 0 designates that the surface absorbs all solar radiation, and a value of 1 represents total reflectivity. Thermal emittance is also articulated either as a number fraction amongst 0 and 1, or a percentage. Another manner of evaluating coolness is the solar reflectance index (SRI), which incorporates both solar reflectance and emittance in a single value. SRI enumerates how hot a surface would get comparative to standard black and normal white exteriors.

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Particular Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Armored fiber optic patch cable retain the features of all common types fiber optic patch cables, and they are more flexible to deploy in FTTH projects inside the buildings. The armored fiber optic cable can be made similar outer diameter with the standard patch cords. Moreover, they can be with different jacket colors and jacket types such as OFNR, which protect the fiber glass inside. But how much do you know about armored fiber optic patch cables? I’m grade to introduce you the details of it.

The Structure of an Armored Fiber Optic Cable
Armored fiber cables have extra reinforcing in the cable housing to prevent damage. In basic armored fiber cable designs, the outer sleeve provides protection against wind, solvents, and abrasion. This outer sleeve is usually made of plastic such as polyethylene.

The armored fiber optic cables mainly depend on an external protective layer. The next layer between the sleeve and the inner jacket is an armoring layer of materials that are difficult to cut, chew, or burn, such as steel tape and aluminum foil. Ripcords are usually provided directly under the armoring and the inner sleeve to aid in stripping the layer for splicing the cable to connectors or terminators.

The inner jacket is a protective and flame retardant material to support the inner fiber cable bundle. The inner fiber cable bundle includes strength members, fillers and other structures to support the fibers inside. There ia always a central strength member to support the whole fiber cable. This can be solid or stranded metallic or nonmetallic material.

The types of Armored Fiber Optic Cable
Two types of armoring exist: interlocking and corrugated. Interlocking armor is an aluminum armor that is helically wrapped around the cable and found in indoor and indoor/outdoor cables. It offers ruggedness and superior crush resistance. Corrugated armor is a coated steel tape folded around the cable longitudinally. It is found in outdoor cables and offers extra mechanical and rodent protection.

The Material of Armored Fiber Optic Cable
This armoring material prevents the fiber from being stretched during cable installation, so that it can bended naturally, it has the advantages of resist high voltage and strong pull, thus it supplies cable a good protection and safety. The armored fiber optic cable contains two kinds material, one is steel material and the other one is aluminum material.

The steel armor also called heavy armor, it has a heavy weight as if its name, but its diameter is relatively large. It can withstand a strong pull power and impact power, specially, it can operating well in the harsh environment and the laying more excellent performance. Heavy armor is wrapped in a circle of wire, generally used in the riverbed and submarine etc.

The aluminum armor also called light armor, it is wrapped in a circle of aluminum wire, its diameter is smaller than steel armor about 3mm, precise control of fiber excess length, to ensure that the cable has excellent mechanical properties and temperature, at the same time it has a good ultraviolet radiation. The aluminum armor generally used in the pipelines and overhead.

No matter which kind material of armored fiber optic cable, they are belong to outdoor fiber optic, because of its protection to fiber optic cables appearance thanks to the steel material and aluminum material.

The Benefits of Armored Fiber Optic Cable:
Rodent Resistance;
Moisture and chemical protection;
Waterblocking of sheath interfaces;
Mechanical strength;
Thermal stability;
Corrosion protection;
Lightning protection;
Ability to be located accurately;
Ability to be monitored;
Armored Flame Retardant Fiber Optic Cable for Indoor/Outdoor Applications.
Armored fiber-optic cables are often installed in a network for added mechanical protection.

The armored fiber optic patch cables can be with SC, ST, FC, LC, MU,SC/APC, ST/APC,FC/APC,LC/APC etc types of terminations. You can buy fiber optic cable at Ingellen, you will have a clear mind about the structure or material from their exellent customer service, also you will find other kinds fiber patch cables like 9/125 Fiber Patch Cable there.

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Bethlehem Steel: The Steel That Built America

The doors to the steelworks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania closed for the last time in 1995, bringing to an end 140 years of steel-making in the town. Although no longer in its spiritual home, Bethlehem Steel continues to produce Steel, but its major production facility is now based in Burns Harbor, Indiana. The company has had its ups and downs, has been involved in providing steel for the construction of many railroads, bridges and iconic buildings throughout America and was the forerunner in the production of the steel girders used to build skyscrapers.

The first steel produced in Bethlehem was at the Saucona Iron Company, opened in 1857. Four years later the company changed its name to the Bethlehem Iron Company and in 1863 started mass production of iron railroad rails, used in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. Over the next forty years contracts to supply steel were agreed with the US Navy, and by the time that Charles M. Schwab was appointed chairman in 1904 Bethlehem Steel Corporation not only had a huge plant in South Bethlehem, but ironworks in Cuba and shipyards on both US coasts.

In 1908 the company started production of wide-flange structural section steel, leading to a building revolution; those sections being used in the new phenomenon of skyscraper construction. Five years later Bethlehem Steel acquired the Fore Shipbuilding Company in Quincy, Mass. to become one of the country’s largest shipbuilders.

World War I provided Bethlehem Steel with a great opportunity to expand. At the start of the conflict the company had an annual production capacity of 1.1 million tons and employed 15,600 workers. By 1925, after supplying armor, ships, ordnance, guns and munitions for the US and Allied Forces during and immediately after the war, annual production grew to 8.5 million tons and the company’s workforce had grown to 60,000.

In the early thirties Bethlehem Steel continued to grow through acquisition, buying steel companies on the Pacific coast as well as McClintic-Marshall Corp., a major bridge and building construction company. This was the golden era for American construction and Bethlehem Steel was responsible for such landmark constructions as: the Golden Gate Bridge, U.S. Supreme Court, Rockefeller Plaza, Waldorf-Astoria and the George Washington Bridge.

During World War II Bethlehem Steel shifted all its production into military hardware, employing close on 300,000 workers of which 180,000 were directly involved in ship-building. Post-war, the company returned to producing steel for US domestic projects, as well as the military, and continued to thrive.

The 1960s saw steel imported to the USA reaching record levels, but Bethlehem still home-produced steel for such iconic structures as Madison Square Garden, Newport Bridge and the second Delaware Memorial Bridge. In 1973 Bethlehem Steel reported an income of $207 million, producing record levels of 23.7 million tons of raw steel and 16.3million tons of finished steel. The company continued to thrive, but in the early 1980s imported steel was making more of an impact, which forced a radical restructure of Bethlehem Steel, resulting in a halving of the workforce over five years in the mid-80s. Consolidation followed over the next ten years and reluctantly the production facility at Bethlehem where it all began was shut down in 1995.

Today, Bethlehem has recovered from the loss of its steelworks and is undergoing an economic and cultural renaissance. Hotels in Bethlehem once used by those who had business at the steelworks are now re-inventing themselves as tourist and conference centers. The steel may be long gone in Bethlehem, but the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens is alive and well.

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Composite Laminates

Your search for advanced structural Composite Laminates ends here. LCOA Composites is a U.S. based laminator and part fabricator of engineered composite and renewable green materials used in commercial building, structural and ballistic applications.

LCOA Composites creates and manufactures advanced Composite Laminate products for the government, homeland security and commercial markets. Sectors where Composites Products are in demand are mentioned below,

1.ARCHITECTURAL & BUILDING MATERIALS: – Composite Panels present immense opportunities to play an increasing role as an alternate material to replace timber, steel, aluminum and concrete in buildings. Their benefits of corrosion resistance and low weight have proven attractive in many architectural applications.

LCOA Composites has a dedicated staff of composite experts developed over a span of 30 years, to provide unmatched fabrication services to the design community. We provide a methodical approach to project development and fabrication, from initial consultation and design, through preparation of drawings, manufacturing, and finally to inspection and shipment.

Since LCOA Composites manufactures with a full spectrum of composite materials, we offer our customers the finest materials for their specific requirements. We will produce exacting advanced structural or ballistic composite panels to blend esthetically to the landscape of your specific project.

2.WIND ENERGY: – LCOA Composites is involved in the R&D of the rapidly-growing area of wind-energy, specifically in thermoplastic composite wind turbine blades. We are producing the core structural backbone of the fiber reinforced polypropylene thermoplastic wind turbine blades. Our structural composite panel is an extremely tough, lightweight material, which provides for a durable wind blade.

3.Transportation: – Today’s advanced composite materials offer dramatic opportunities for producing lightweight aerospace, cargo, etc. solution that are more durable, innovative, fuel-efficient, corrosion-resistant and easier to maintain than metal structures. Composite Laminate is being used more extensively in the manufacture of commercial helicopters, trailers and other products because of their desirable weight, performance and strength properties. LCOA Composites markets its composite solutions to the following market segments within the transportation industry:

Trailer Industry
Vehicle Protection
Rail Transportation
Armor Vehicles

We draw on our more than 30 years of high volume Composite Laminate expertise to ensure every product meets or exceeds the specification requirements.

If you are interested to know more about Composite Panels, please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

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Three Reasons Why Orthopedic Rehab Is Helpful

If you have ever had a surgery or serious injury, you know that it can be physically exhausting to recover properly. Most surgeries or major traumas require specific exercises and protocols. Orthopedic rehab is designed to deal specifically with injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. Issues in this field often include sports accidents, such as torn tendons and broken bones, tumors, and even infections. Following a recovery protocol specific to your injury and operation can help you to recover faster and more fully. Here are three reasons why.

Regain Function

After a serious injury or medical condition, our bodies often attempt to compensate for the trauma. For example, when a person limps, it is an attempt to take pressure off of a damaged body part. As a result of this natural compensation, the muscles and tendons surrounding the injured area can often weaken or atrophy from lack of use. This is further exacerbated following an operation. Orthopedic rehab helps the patient focus on strengthening the repaired body part and the area surrounding it. Without a directed recovery, most patients will continue to favor the injury, resulting in a lifelong limp, hitch, crook, or other physical abnormality.

Prevent Injury

As discussed above, the human body will tend to protect a damaged area by shifting the workload to other limbs, tendons, or muscles. Even after the area has been surgically repaired, the human body will continue trying to shield it. If the body does not re-learn that the damaged body part is okay, the overuse of other areas could result in further accidents. This example is often seen in athletes with an injured leg or foot; in an attempt to protect the weakened area, the athlete puts more force into their cuts, pivots, or jumps with their good leg. This can result in damage to the strong leg or foot if too much strain is placed on it. Conversely, if the surgically repaired area is never re-strengthened, it is more apt to suffer the same failure as before through normal use. Orthopedic rehab can help patients regain the strength lost through trauma and an operation.

Avoid Surgery

In some cases, orthopedic rehab can help patients suffering from physical trauma avoid an operation altogether. This can be achieved through directed exercises or by altering how a person performs physical tasks. In the case of a weak back, a therapist might work with the patient on how to sit, stand, sleep, and bend over. The proper use of the back, coupled with specific exercises designed to strengthen the weakened area, can reduce the amount of pain a patient is feeling. In many cases, this approach can entirely solve any issues a patient is having, rendering surgery unnecessary.

In conclusion, orthopedic rehab can be helpful in resolving a number of physical ailments. Patients should wholeheartedly work with their physical therapists for a better recovery experience.

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Understanding Occupational Therapy

Much of what we know about proper practices and methodology in the world of occupational therapy is advanced by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). AOTA establishes the guidelines for practitioners in the United States. It publishes these guidelines, as well as general information about the practice, in their publication “Framework: Domain and Process.”

The most recent edition, the third edition, was released in 2008. The Framework is a guide for practitioners to assess patients’ needs and help them find better solutions to achieving their goals. It provides the structure for this assessment in three basic steps: Evaluation, Intervention, and Targeting of Outcomes.

Understanding the Framework will allow you to get the most out of your relationship with your medical professional and your treatment. By equipping yourself within the Framework, you can better achieve your goals.


Evaluation is the first part of the discovery process. On paper, the evaluation portion consists of finding out what a patient has done and is able to do. Your practitioner will want to find out what sorts of jobs you’ve held in the past, how you were able to perform those jobs, and whether or not your environment, coworkers, own work ethics, or outside factors contributed to your success or failure at that job. Your doctor might speak to you, people you’ve worked with, or family members to get a clearer picture of what is going to be suitable for you as a worker.


According to the AOTA’s Framework, intervention is a collaborative process. After the interviews, you and your practitioner will work together to devise a plan that utilizes your personal strengths in the job market. Part of this plan is finding a compromise between your personal goals and the practical applications of this plan.

Intervention is an attempt to change some habit or action that previously kept you from success. Identifying unwanted or non-vital habits and replacing them with more desirable habits in a safe environment with lots of outside support helps increase the chances that these habits will be maintained as you move into the workforce.

Targeting of Outcomes

Occupational therapy acknowledges that adjusting to the workforce is an ongoing process. It might take multiple plans, or multiple attempts, before the original goals of the practitioner and client are met. This section of the Framework is meant to allow the doctor and patient to modify their approach and change any aspects of the evaluation or intervention plan.

For some people, occupational therapy is a single interaction between client and practitioner that creates a habit. For others, it is the beginning of a lifelong process, with doctor and patient constantly working in tandem to achieve ever-changing goals. In either situation, the hard work of both the specialist and patient leads to success. An understanding of this relationship can help navigate the varied decision-making involved in the day-to-day practice of occupational therapy. The Framework highlights the value of this relationship and can be a useful tool.

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The War On The War On Carbs

For those that love carbs, you’ve been taking a beating lately. Don’t eat carbs, they make you gain weight say the “experts”. Lately, there has been a complete war on carbs and as someone who loves their carbs… it’s time to start a war on the “war on carbs”

Carbs are essential, there’s just no getting around it. Whether your goal is to lose weight or increase sport performance, you’ll just do yourself a disservice if you abandon our friend the carb. For all high intensity, short duration activities, muscle glycogen is the source of energy and muscle glycogen comes from… carbs. Even endurance activities of moderate intensity use glycogen as 50% of your energy needs. In fact, the one limiting factor on your sport performance will be the lack of availability of carbohydrates. Even during low intensity exercise when your body uses a higher percentage of fat as its fuel source, it takes a good supply of carbohydrates to fuel that process. Ever play a sport or involve yourself in a high intensity workout program and you hit the proverbial “wall”… that’s because your body has a lowered supply of glycogen EVEN THOUGH your body has a great supply of fat. Want to perform better… eat your carbs.

What if you want to lose weight; surely you need to decrease your carb intake. After-all, carbs MAKE you fat right? Carbohydrates provide you with variety, necessary nutrients and volume to your diet.

Recommended ranges for carb intake is between 45-65% of your total intake. Weight loss occurs when there is a calorie deficit and not a particular macronutrient profile.

Weight loss occurring on low-carb diets is generally attributed to 2 things… a lower overall calorie intake and loss of body mass. Ever start a diet that restricts your carb intake and seen great results in the beginning weeks? Lower carbs mean lower muscle glycogen stores. For every gram of glucose lost through glycogen you also lose 2.7 grams of water with it. This loss of glycogen combined with water loss is the contributing factor in the initial big losses seen.

Some studies you will read (actually the newspaper headlines you will read… very few read the actual studies) will tell you that we are gaining weight faster than ever even though our fat intake is down. This is partially true. The PERCENTAGE of fat intake in our total diet is down but the actual grams of fat consumed is unchanged all while the total calories consumed in our diets has increased. As well, most studies rely on self-reporting and people generally report eating less than they actually do.

Consider in the 1900’s the typical diet had a higher intake of carbohydrates and a lower intake from fat. Even though our dreaded enemy the carb was consumed at a greater rate, we have only seen the rise of weight issues in the past few decades. In short, the increase in the rise of weight gain we see as a society is largely due to increased calorie and decreased activity.

So, here’s what is so good about carbs:

1. They provide nutrients that you can’t get from fat or protein
2. Adds bulk to your diet
3. Stabilizes blood sugar levels
4. An adequate supply of carbs in your diet spares your body from turning to protein as an energy source meaning that protein can do its job.
5. It’s the body’s preferred energy source
6. Your brain only uses carbs as its energy source
7. You need carbs in order to fuel the process of fat burning

All this doesn’t mean run out for a dozen donuts. Select good choices of veggies, fruit, whole grains… eat ’em up… yum!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be so complicated. Like they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to lose weight. Don’t let your fitness plan be swayed daily by the changing tides of news headlines.

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Alcohol and Drugs Cause Extremely Painful Death

The longer one lives, the more adept one becomes at reading the signs. My experience of dying and reincarnation is insight into the role of death and how everyone has returned as we are in the last days. The great population explosion is the result. Many come back to what they knew in their last life and that leads to addictions and a repeat of the same behaviour. Over the years of watching the number of things that cause death has grown and the pain of dying increased as evil is protected.

In these latter years there are far more things to cause addiction than ever. In my young days the war had handicapped the economy and the loss of men required to service industry was great. There were no luxury items available and alcohol and drugs were practically unknown in communities where such would not have been tolerated.

As the populations recovered, however, things took a different turn. A new industrial revolution began with food and alcohol leading the way. These were the chief money cows of the economy until fashion and other things came to the fore. Hollywood showed their audiences how good life can be with addiction to wealth and the use of drugs.

The economy is thriving and the greatest income is made from drugs and fashion. It is now the ‘norm’ for tattoos, body piercings, hard drugs, and other things to be a part of one’s social life. All of these things make cancer and other scenarios possible.

Parties with drugs and alcohol involved often result in brawls, stabbings, and murder. There have been many violent incidences recently in Australia where uninvited guests ordered to leave parties have turned violent. They have killed for the sake of a few free drinks and are now in jail.

There is another more insidious death awaiting users of alcohol and drugs. It has to do with cancer, loss of brain function, or other things like homelessness, inability to work, and rejection by family and society. There are no answers to these problems because what they do is legal and the system is built for making money and putting lives at risk.

Individuals cannot wake up who are constantly seeking more alcohol or drugs to feed their addiction. They are like fish caught on hooks being gathered to another feast of the same. Their ultimate death is often excruciating and lonely and all because of money.

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5 Tips On How A Woman Can Lose Weight

Women are always conscious of their health and fitness. They always desire to look slim and trim. If any woman gains extra weight, she looks for a quick solution to it too, by losing the weight quickly. There are numerous ways to do so, but some of the quick weight loss tips are as follows:

TIP 1: Take low-carb diets

Carbohydrate foods are rich in the calories, but at the same time they have to be taken in low quantities. The major advantage of eating low-carbohydrate foods is that they compel you to eat less. Without keeping an eye on the amount of calories they are consuming, the weight conscious people love taking the foods with lesser carbs and few carbs. If sugars and starches are consumed in greater amount they stimulate the hunger pangs. Hence, if carbohydrates are reduced in the food the appetite is likely to decrease also.

TIP 2: Drink enough water

Water is great for metabolic activities. Adding more water to your menu will reduce the hunger pangs. Taking water in the morning is the first step to do so. Water gives a feeling of being full, thus the food intake also cuts down. The final aftermath is the loss of weight. Water is a zero calorie food ingredient. It can flush out the excess weight. An addition of lemon wedges and mint can add refreshing flavors to your drink.

TIP 3: Go for Cardio

A thirty minute session that can speed up your heartbeat will burn out your extra calories. Any such work out will help take away the extra calories from your body. Thus, it becomes a great way of staying fit and slim. Any session of cardio on a regular basis is a great help for the weight conscious ladies.

TIP 4: Add more minutes to your bedtime

Although it seems strange, but still a few more hours of a happy sleep will stimulate your metabolic rate and help you shed off your weight quickly. No matter how long you sleep, just add half an hour to your bedtime and you will feel recharged. It will add to your muscular strength, keeping you healthy and active.

TIP 5: Start enjoying the proteins

There is no blinking of the fact that proteins are a great source of energy. If you are looking for quick weight loss, then the best option is to give up the carbs and start taking the proteins in the form of meat, eggs and fish. It is a good alternative to the carbohydrate foods. It gives a feeling of fullness that keeps you away from the extra food intake. A combo of protein source, a fat source and a low-carb vegetable can be great for reducing the weight quickly.

So, if you are a health loving, lady of style, the best way to get rid of the extra weight on your body is to follow these easy tips and get a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to go for a crash diet, but instead opt for healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy Food Tips To Lose Weight

Need Discipline To Reach Goal

Have you ever set a fitness goal but just can’t seem to achieve it? Have you ever created a detailed and strict schedule for your healthy food tips to lose weight? but when it really comes down to execution, you don’t have enough discipline to follow? If your answer is yes to any of these two questions, this article would be worth your time taking to read, of course, if you plan to achieve your goals, and be able to eat ANYTHING you want.

First, we need to answer some important questions, not to me, not to anyone else, but to yourself. Why do you want to keep fit? What do you wish to achieve by keeping fit? Are you worried about your physique because you feel insecure of not getting enough attention from the crowd? Or do you want to be healthy so that you can eventually see your grand kids grow up and be able to do fun activities/spend quality time with them? Or do you wish to reduce the risk of ending up in the hospital bed, in pain?

For the healthy food tips to lose weight, most people have at least one of these 3 main reasons to stay healthy. But let’s face it, we want to be in a good spot for ALL of those reasons. Because if we can, why not?

Eating Healthy Food Tips To Lose Weight

I am going to share with you a secret of how I did it. And you will probably think: “This is so simple, I can’t believe I have not done so.”

There are so many theories on eating healthy food tips to lose weight, it even comes down to you segregating recipes for healthy food, and unhealthy food. Also which exercise regimes to follow, and who or how you want to look like, etc. The key is to keep it simple, and tailored to yourself. Because you are the best at being you. Forget about everything you have seen in the media and do this for yourself.

Natural Food

Basically, a clean food, is a healthy food, it is what your body only wants and NEEDS. What is clean food? Most of the food we eat on a daily basis has been “polluted” with the way it’s been farmed (like pesticides), different kinds of sauces to make it taste “better” (like MSG and factory manufactured sauces), not to mention the oil that’s been used. Go NATURAL. I repeat, NATURAL.

Healthy Food Tips

If you decide to indulge yourself with a piece of cake and think “I can’t afford the calories”, you need to change that mindset ASAP. What kills you is not the piece of cake, but the ingredients used in it. A cookie made with margarine, branded and manufactured chocolates, and white sugar, we all would agree, is a Pandora’s box of calories. But what about a cookie made of butter with less fat, chocolate chips made with real cacao powder (made of at least 50%-70% cacao), and palm sugar? Granted there will be calories, but they are good nutrients that your body wants.

When comes to healthy food tips to lose weight, I always do some research on the food I eat before I even think about putting it in my mouth. Spend some time educating yourself on the different benefits of not just a dish, but down to the natural, real ingredients.

Is it worth it, you might ask? The question is, do YOU think YOU are worth the effort? In the end of the day, you are the most important person to yourself and no amount of work done for yourself can be too much. Food makes up 80% of your shape, exercise only contributes to 20%. Do the math, I’m sure you can. See? I promised it is going to be very simple. And it WORKS. Try it for 2 months and I guarantee that you will see results.

I like to write about subjects that I am interested in. The purpose of my site is to share invaluable information on fat-loss so that you as the reader can benefit from it. I hope that you enjoy the information that I provide. Sign Up and Download FREE eBook Healthy Snack Meals & Recipes In 30 Minutes or Less.

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